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          Contact Us
          Welcome Message

          GCC (General Constructions Company) is an “A” class engineering and construction business, pioneering in its field for over 60 years and offering comprehensive construction services via traditional or design and build procurement. We create government buildings, hotels, hospitals, office blocks, roads, utility systems and major structures.

          We work in partnership with sophisticated customers who value the highest levels of quality, safety and technical expertise, in both the private and public sectors – applying our skills to meet their individual needs.

          GCC has the strongest, most experienced management and construction team, to which it owes its long-term and expanding success and is very proud of its growing reputation for non-confrontational contracting -  a large proportion of our contracts being secured through our customers wishing to negotiate with us on an exclusive basis.

          Our motto is “quality first” and thus to be able to look at our Projects in decades to come and be proud that they were built by GCC.

          Construction Projects
          KPMG Offices, Limassol
          Erection of a new reinforced concrete building  (2 basement levels, ground floor, mezzanine and four floors above) housing the new offices of KPMG in Limassol. ...
          Paphos Main Canal
          Concrete line Irrigation Canal including pipework
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